Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Proven Guilty, The Dresden Files. Goal 2/60

Book Eight of the Dresden Files, Dead Beat continues the series without slowing down. On the contrary, as the novel progresses new developments and relevations about what has gone before promise a strong, vibrant story yet to come.

While I have tackled series of multiple books like this in the past I have often found that they begin to slow and give less and less satisfaction as the story progresses. I got no further than book 8 of the Sword of Truth series despite enjoying it.

Proven Guilty did not slow me down. I am anxious to get to the next book to see how the story proceedes.

Lots of strings from previous books were developed. Harry's relationship with Murphy, Thomas, Michael, Molly and even the likes of Charity and Morgan all shift to a certain degree. And there continue to be promises of something developing between Harry and Karrin Murphey.

The book starts with the execution of a warlock-- someone that employees black magic and breaks the laws of magic-- by the White Council. The only sentence for breaking any of the laws is death. Harry is forced to witness the bloody execution despite his oppostition to it. The whole ordeal is simply too close to his past for him to accept it as correct.

Things quickly become complicated for Harry when Molly, eldest daughter of Michael and Charity Carpenter, comes to him looking for help. The story takes on many unexpected twists and sees Harry up against powerful forces of the Fae again.

An excellent read, keeping pace with an amazing series.

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