Monday, January 30, 2012

Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher. Goal 4/60

Incarceron is a YA novel by Catherine Fisher that I discovered while looking through a list of books that my friend wanted to read. It looked interesting, a story about a living prison. The premise seemed so pregnant with potential.

So I read the book, and I was not disappointed. While I would have liked a lot more on the prison itself, the story focused on two primary main characters:

Finn, a prisoner within Incarceron that believes that he came from outside. He is trying to find answers to who he is and what makes him different from others.

And Claudia Arlex, the daughter of the warden of Incarceron. Her father was always distant, and she sought to learn his secrets. She is in a prison herself, being trapped in a betrothal to the prince, Caspar, whom she dislikes. She had been betrothed to his half-brother, Giles, until he met a riding accident and died.

When Finn finds a key that can offer him salvation from the hell that is Incarceron he sets out on an adventure to find his escape. Meanwhile Claudia comes upon a key of her own and discovers that there are many more secrets hidden in Incarceron than she could have guessed.

Parts of the story were highly predictable, this is a YA novel after all, but parts were surprising. I was shocked as to some of the developments, mostly surrounding John Arlex, the Warden of Incarceron.

The storyline was tight, the plot entertaining. I am looking forward to the next part of the story.

"Only the man that has known freedom can define his prison."

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