Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dead Beat, by Jim Butcher. Finished books goal: 1/60

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series has long appealed to me. A wizard living in Chicago making his -meager- living taaking cases and working with the police. Book seven of the series, Dead Beat, kept my interest at least as well as the six before it. The story was interesting and fast paced, plot twists surprising and not disappointing.

In this instalment we learn that a certain blampire (yes, blampire) is in a position to seriously damage the career and life of Harry Dresden's friend, the chief of Special Investigations, Karrin Murphey. Harry is blackmailed into helping the undead sorcerous and told to retrieve a book written by a powerful necromancer.

As it would turn out Harry is not the only one seeking the book. His quest to find it pits him against forces much more powerful than he has encountered in the past.

Many important threads from previous books are developed and explored, and memorable characters from previous novels make appearences. Harry gets into troubles that only someone like him could manage, but he is simply too stubborn to die. And polka, polka will never die.

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