Monday, February 20, 2012

A Sword for His Women, 6/60 towards goal

A Sword for His Women by A. Jacob Sweeny is an episode in the Pulse Historia series. These are shorter pieces of fiction relating to his trilogy The Pulse Myths.

I picked this up because it recieved excellent reviews. I should know better by now, "The Gargoyle" by Andrew Davidson also recieved excellent reviews and I couldn't get past the first couple chapters. A Sword for His Women involves immortals, war, bloodshed, and a blood drinking Vlad. It should have been good. Better than this anyway...

My biggest concern is that it makes no attempt to engage the reader at all, it covers events in a very removed kind of way. They engaged the enemy, there were boats, it looked bad. Two years later... I was reading a list of events (one that didn't actually tell me what happened most of the time) and not reading a story. It was like being in History class, except that in class I got more of a feel for who Napoleon was than I did for any of these characters.

This is a book I should have passed up, and I recommend you look elsewhere too.

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