Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lots of Catching Up

So, I have been away for a while, working on my first novel, currently titled "Caym's Service." It's never a good idea to get attached to a title too soon, so that is simply the working title.

The novel evolved a great deal over time, the main character was named Bayard Ansital, he was a demon hunter searching for the demon that permanently altered his life years ago and returned to kill his wife and child.

Now the main character is named Bayrd Anstal (flows so much nicer) a demon ruined his life 5 years ago and he ran away from it, living a life of obscurity. When he finally, after 5 years, decided to move on a woman he had a date with is brutally murdered. This sets into motion a stream of events that will reveal to Bayrd what really happened five years ago and nothing is what it seemed or even now seems.

In my typical Xiao Wang duality there is a strong romantic theme in the novel that runs parallel to the violence and bloodshed. There are three significant women in Bayrd's life through the novel, and you are left guessing until the end how that turns out.

So, shameless plug over, I have read several books in that time and need to put up reviews for them. I will do so over the next couple days.

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